About Adam


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I believe so many people have unrealised good ideas, and my aim is to help people develop those ideas through a practical approach. I do this by providing them with solutions in Project Management, finding required talent and connecting them with funding and the right manufacturer. I offer this as a service because I know what it takes to get results.

I have a background in Biomedical Engineering and more recently have spent several years working in sales for a multinational group.

The years that I spent working in various roles gave me a solid background in Project Management, Quality Assurance and reviewing data to identify market wants and needs. I’ve worked in small dynamic teams focused on developing specific solutions under a deadline and participated in large group initiatives requiring input from multiple departments to deliver on expectations.

During this time I found that people often sought me out for my opinion on how to overcome obstacles (I’m a problem-solver by nature) and to help them clarify their vision if they were planning short or long-term projects.

Through this I found that I had a knack for identifying potential issues guiding people to achieve the outcomes they desired

I’m currently based in Toowoomba, Queensland - a short drive to Brisbane, and with Skype, email and Dropbox communicating with me from anywhere with an internet connection is seamless.

I only take on a limited number of projects at once, but I’m always willing to have a confidential and obligation-free discussion and see if there’s a fit between your expectations and our time-frames & schedules.



If these sound like some of the challenges you’re facing, you might benefit from my help.

Not sure how to go about testing and validating your market?

Have an idea but don't know how to get started on it?

Think it might be cheaper/easier to have your idea made overseas, but you're unsure how to approach it?

Need to find a talented designer, experienced engineer or dedicated web developer?

Feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle all aspects of your project and need some assistance coordinating things?

Realising the cost of putting your idea out might be beyond what you can afford at the moment?

Want to widen your audience or engage new members through crowd-funding?